Monday, November 18, 2013

The Second Coming

When the second coming of our Lord is nigh, those who have lived a life worthy of rewards from the heaven will be joyful and hopeful. However, those who have lived a life which will bring judgement and maybe eternal punishment the feeling will be that of fear, trepidation and anxiety.

The gospels say that we should not be deceived by those who appear to preach the signs of the coming of the Lord, for only the Lord himself knows the time. We need to keep ourselves prepared for whenever that time is - so that we can joyfully and hopefully wait for the event of the coming.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Salvation is for all

During the time of Jesus, the people believed that salvation belonged only for the chosen ones. Jesus made it clear in Luke 13:22-30, that salvation and entrance into the Kingdom is universal and that it belongs to all people from all over the world.
Jesus preaches to strive to enter the Kingdom through the narrow door - which is the way of the cross. To enter into eternal life, it is not enough that we recognize Jesus, but it is more important that Jesus recognizes us. And Jesus recognizes by our love for one another.