Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bearing Witness to God

All of us our missionaries in Christ. Like God called Prophet Isiah; like God called St.Paul; like God called St. John the Baptist; all of us are also called to bear witness to Jesus.
In the same way, Blessed Joseph Vaz - the 'Apostle of Ceylon' - was called by Lord to bear witness and make the Church grow strong in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), which was going through difficult times under the colonization of the Dutch. The tercentenary anniversary of Blessed Joseph Vaz was celebrated on the 16th of January in Sri Lanka, seeking a fast canonization of Blessed Joseph Vaz. (

In these times where the harvest is large, but the reapers are very few; we need to pray to the Lord our God to strengthen our faith, so that we may realize the many ways that Lord Jesus reveals himself to us, and so that we are the given the courage to tell the world who Jesus is and what Jesus means to us.

(Thoughts from the readings from the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - 2011)