Saturday, February 26, 2011

Offerings to the Lord

In many instances in the bible there are references to offering a tenth of our income to the Lord. In one's perspective, the offering could be channeled through many ways such as charity to the less fortunate and donations to organizations and the church which work for the good of the society and man.

There are Catholics who follow this teaching to the letter. They may even offer more than 10 per cent to the Lord in his name. However, what good is it, if an offering is made in the name of the Lord if we do not follow the teachings and do not engage with the Lord in prayers. This is similar to a child who is earning well, and pays their parents’ bills and gives money for their expenditures, but never speaks to them or visits their parents. If you were the parent, would you accept the money given by such a child who does not care for you?

In the same sense, we the children of God should not think that paying back with the monetary wealth is enough, but should spend more time with God. We need to try and get closer to God through prayers and reflections. This spiritual growth should be complemented with the thanksgivings to God for the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us.