Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reflections from the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time - 2010

Many will come saying, "I am the one" and "The time is near at hand". The gospel preaches us not to be detracted by those who claim to know the path to salvation, and those who preach that the world will be destroyed at a certain time. Man of this Earth cannot predict God's ways, and we are warned not be deceveived by such groups who come using the name of the Lord. The catholic church has been a strong instution of faith for over twenty centuries. The martyrs of the Catholic Church during the first two centuries is one of the main source of strength for the strong foundation of the Church. Those who preached about Jesus were persecuted and the church had to go through dark time, but yet the Church remains strong. It shall be strong till the day of the return of the Lord, which no man can envisage.

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